Socrates & Soc (in development with Barry Cook)

( budget 23 million dollars )

Feature film 3d animation currently in development

Screenwriters: Barry Cook, Athena Xenidou and Maria Xenidou

Directors: Barry Cook and Athena Xenidou

Genre: Children, Family Entertainment

XMAS Productions, Ministry of Illusion (South Africa) and Sombrero Pictures( France)

Imagine Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, at the age of ten, time traveling into the urban jungle of modern Athens.
Two identical boys of the same age, with the same name, coming from the same city but from different centuries (460BC and present day), trade places with the use of a magical ancient piece of marble.
One of the boys happens to be the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates.
A look into the past and the present through the eyes of two 10-year old boys.
Experiences of ancient lifestyle. Breath-taking, humorous and adventurous situations.

Unwitnessed Memories Poster

Unwitnessed Memories (2000)

Best Documentary at Houston International Film Festival

Directed by Athena Xenidou

Written by Athena Xenidou and Anastasia Papadopoulou

Produced by Anastasia Papadopoulou and Athena Xenidou

(60 minutes, 35mm, color)

Genre: Documentary

Danale Productions, SIGMA TV, LUMIERE TV, Cyprus

Cyprus, year 2000.
A postwar generation. Like other postwar generations in Germany, Northern Ireland, South Africa and the Middle East. Stigmatized by their country’s long unresolved political situations…

A dividing line entrenched in their country by military force, dividing it in two since they were born. The memories that lie beyond the line. These are their unwitnessed memories.

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bad city blues

Bad City Blues (1999)

Starring Dennis Hopper

Set decorator: Athena Xenidou

Genre: Drama / Crime

Bad City Pictures

In the aftermath of a violent robbery, a New Orleans doctor, Eugene Grimes, wakes to find a wounded woman and $2 million in cash on his doorstep. In pursuit of the thieves, police captain Clarence Jefferson discovers that Grimes is the key not only to the money but to a dark web of intrigue and vengeance stretching back to a bloody civil war in El Salvador a decade before.



Tripwire (1999)

27 min, Color, Film, 16mm, 1998, USA

Associate Producer: Athena Xenidou

Genre: War Drama

American Film Institute Conservatory

It’s the last day of World War II. Two American snipers learn that the war is finally over. But is it?
Shortly after they get the news, the Americans spot a German soldier in the forest. The German has stepped on a pressure mine: one false move and he blows himself to bits.

the made guy 12

The Made Guy (1997)

Award: Best Cinematography at UCSB Short Film Festival, USA

12 min, Film, Color, 16mm, 1997, USA

Written by Athena Xenidou and John Hixson

Produced by: Athena Xenidou, John Hixson, Shane Rabineau

Directed by: Athena Xenidou

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

This short film is an hommage to our favorite gangster films. The Made Guy is a phrase commonly used for the head of the mafia. The film follows the Made guy and his entourage on night out, as he visits his sister who sings at a club down town. However, things get complicated when he realizes that his sister is mistreated by her boyfriend who is also her manager. When he sees him raising a hand on her, the Made Guy swears revenge on the man who betrayed his trust.

Dead End

Dead End (1996)

Award: University of California Grant for Best Project in Humanities and Fine Arts

42 minutes, 16mm, Color, USA

Co-producer: Athena Xenidou

Genre: Social Drama

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Five friends decide to go on a cross-country road trip during their spring break. They hire two cars and leave their university campus, filled with joy and excitement. However, things turn sour when a car crash caused by one of the drivers, ends in the death of his friend. Through this experience, their friendship is ultimately put to the test.